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The servers are located in the Meridian Gate data center in London, Docklands. Meridian Gate provides a high level of service which ensures our network runs at peak performance, this includes: fire prevention; reliable power supplies with on-site generators; air and humidity conditioning; and security with CCTV and card access.

The servers are protected by dual Pix 520 firewalls with full failover enabled. Running a fully switched cisco network with a mix of 2950 and 2948GL3 switches which enables us to provide the highest possible uptime with full redundancy.

Our network consists of Windows 2003 servers. These are managed by the latest Helm Control Panel. All servers are clustered so that sites are evenly balanced across multiple servers.

In addition we run offsite backup mail and DNS servers to prevent any loss during a possible outage.

Expansion is simply adding a new server with no need to uproot existing customers.

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