hosting features

Our accounts include support for all the following features, some of these are available at additional cost.

Web Space
The space provided for your account, you may host multiple domains if required.

Data Transfer (bandwidth)
Each package comes with a specific amount of data transfer or bandwidth. We measure date transfer usage on a rolling 30 day period.

FTP Accounts
To upload pages to your web space you wmay use FTP (unless you are using FrontPage). You can have more than one FTP account per domain and you can allow or deny them access to certain folders if you wish.

Sub Domains
Some accounts include the ability to create a sub domain. This can be a domain such as

Domain Aliases
A domain alias is a domain that points to an existing Web site Such as will point to the same directory as they will then be the same Web site

Shared SSL Domains
A cheaper alternative to a personal SSL (also available) this allows you to secure part of your web site. The SSL certificate is provided by us therefore you do not need to purchase anything else.

FrontPage Support
FrontPage is a web design program provided by Microsoft that can quickly create advanced functions for your web site

ASP.NET Support
All domains include support for ASP.NET and you can easily move between the two from your control panel.

Virtual Directory Support
Allows you to create separate applications within your domain for .NET or simply map a folder to a different location.

Password Protected Directories
Allows you to provide member / admin areas in your site with secured access.

SmarterStats Statistics
You can install SmarterStats on each of your domains for graphical reporting on your site visitors and referers.

Raw Log File Access
You can download up to the last 30 days of raw log files for your own processing.

AspJpeg / AspUpload / AspEmail
All domains have access to the major components from Persits

w3Image / w3Upload / w3Jmail
All domains have access to the major components from dimac

CDO Mail Components
CDO is the smtp sendmail component included as standard with Microsoft's SMTP server and is available on all web servers.

Application Pool Isolation
Every domain on our server is placed in it's own application pool. This provides major advantages such as isolating each domain to it's own web space It also provides protection from other web sites code. If a customer uploads bad code that would normally affect the entire server instead only their application pool is terminated rather than the whole server.

MIME Editor
MIME types are what define the type of extension. For example a .html extension is a web page and a .asp extensions is an Active Server Page. You can add MIME types using this tool. Advanced users only.

Custom Error Pages
if a user visits a page on your site that no longer exists they get a rather unpleasant 404 error page. Customise this to your own design to avoid losing visitors. Other error pages can also be customised.

ASP / Perl / CGI / PHP
These are scripting languages used to enable your web sites to perform special functions. ASP is as supplied with Windows. We have also installed Active Perl and PHP on our servers.

POP3 Email Accounts
Your account will include a number of POP3 email accounts allowing you to download your email to your favourite email reader such as Outlook.

Auto Responders
Your account will include a number of auto responders. This enables you to set-up a reply to any email that is sent to you. Since this is done at server level the sender gets the reply instantly. This is useful to inform people when you are on holiday or direct them to your help pages.

Email Forwarders
Your account will include a number of email forwarders. This allows you to forward all the email you get to this address to another external or internal address.

Multi Recipient Addresses
This is an email address that can be used to forward mail to more than one account. It can be used as a mailing list or to forward mail to multiple departments

SMTP Server
An outgoing mail server which you can use to send mail from your email client.

Advanced Spam Protection
Using an evolving Bayesian database messages attaining a certain score and marked as [Spam] in the subject line allowing you to specify filters via web mail or your mail software on how to handle these messages.

Web E-Mail Access
Access your email via our web mail client using any internet connected computer.

Email Virus Scanning
In order to help protect your computer from becoming the victim of a virus we have installed a virus scanner on our mail server. This checks all incoming and outgoing emails for any virus enclosures. If a virus is found it is rejected at server level, preventing the virus ever reaching your computer. You should of course still install your own local virus scanner in case of infection by other means.

MySQL Databases
MySQL is a database format from Using the control panel you can install MySQL databases on your packages and mange the user accounts.

MSSQL 2000 Databases
You can install MSSQL 2000 databases and users from your control panel providing an ideal database platform for demanding applications.

Access Database Support
A popular database from Microsoft. Access is supported with a special folder to protect your data.

Many databases are supported including Access, Excel and flat file text databases. Some users use ODBC connections to connect to their database. You can use the control panel to create ODBC connections.

DNS Zone Editor
For a domain to work on the internet it requires a DNS zone. This changes the Web site address (such as in to the relevant IP address. With the DNS Zone editor you can change parts of your domains. Such as add additional A records if you were hosting a sub-domain on another system for example or change, add MX-records if you are using an external mail service.

Helm Control Panel
This is a password protected online control panel that lets you manage domains, create email accounts, change passwords, manage databases and view statistics and much more 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Advanced Server Backups
Every day we backup our entire network using advanced backup tools. We are able to restore individual sites or entire servers with a few clicks. In addition we can quickly roll back deleted or over-written files.


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