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web userThere is no doubt that the easiest way to get people to see your site is for them to type in your web address into their browser! It is a good idea to promote your web site to your customers or clients at every opportunity. Most people, however will only find your site using one of the many hundreds of general search engines that are available on the web.

There are many companies who spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds to IT consultants who place and monitor web site positions on the various search engines. With a limited budget this is just not possible, however there are a number of techniques that can help to ensure your site is listed at little or no cost to you at all.

Well designed text

officeBefore you prepare the text that is to appear on your site decide on up to about 5 key phrases you are planning to "compete" on. Avoid single words or phrases that are very common as you are unlikely to be able to target these effectively for example "bananas" is a very frequent phrase appearing on millions of web sites across the world, competing on this phrase is not effective however "UK banana suppliers", "UK banana imports" or "banana delivery companies" are much more likely to succeed. Once you have your list of phrases, repeat these as often as possible throughout the text of your site.


Links from other sites will help to ensure your web site is listed and well placed. The basic premise is that the more web sites that link to your site, the better. If you have links with other businesses or clients that could include a link to your new web site on their site, make sure you contact them with your web site details. Having a link from this web site will also help to get you placed.

Good page design

Search engines find your site using automatic programs that seek out new web sites. We are experienced in designing web sites with this in mind and we make all our sites as search engine friendly as possible.

Pay-per click adverts

You may also decide to assign a small budget to ensure your site appears on the search engines. We can advise you on setting up "pay-per-click" adverts to guarantee well placed inclusion in the main search engines.


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