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There are some key questions that we always ask when pproaching a new web site design:

1. Do we understand your business?

web designerIt is key that your web site correctly represents your business. We do plenty of background research and it may be necessary for us to visit your business to ensure we have a full understanding of what you do and how you do it.


2. What is the site's purpose?

This may be simple business promotion, to extend your brand, or to reach new customers or clients. We will decide in advance what the the main purpose of your site will be, as this will clearly effect its design.


3. What is the main message of the web site?

web userSome people will spend only a few minutes visiting your site, so it is important that the message you want to present is clearly communicated during this short time.


4. Who is the site aimed at?

This effects both the look of the site and the way it works. We will aim your site towards your target customer as much as possible.


5. How should the site work?

Ease of navigation around your site and encouraging people visiting your site to spend more time browsing through it computer designare important factors when deciding how the site should function. We will often offer several options that you will be able to view via the client area of this web site before we finalise your favoured option.


6. What should the site look like?

This is the final question, it is no good having a great looking site if none of the criteria above are met! However it is important that the "look and feel" of your web site correctly extends your business brand and fits in with your business as a whole. Test design pages are posted during the design phase for you to comment on.



Key factors in our designs:

Simplicity is important

Internet users will not spend time on your site if it is too complex and difficult to navigate. All our sites are therefore designed to be clear and easy to use.


The main page of the site will either encourage people to look further or move onto browse elsewhere so it is important the main page of the site catches the user's attention.

Clear and concise text

The text used within your site is critical to its design. All text should be clear and concise while stressing the message continually.


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